Academic Programme

Zenith International and Petite Kids is a school with the vision to mould children into futuristic citizens who can be constructive contributors to society.

In alignment with NEP, the school has designed its academic programme.

The formative years of Pre-Primary are provided with experiential learning through a plethora of activities. These tiny tots are introduced to basic skills like etiquette and knowledge of our rich Indian culture, by way of activities and celebrations.

Children in Primary and Middle stages of schooling are monitored in their growth by encouraging skills of enquiry through inter-disciplinary tasks. The aim is to enhance comprehensive way of learning. Multi-faceted aspects of child’s personality are developed through debates, discussions during classroom transactions.

Prime objective is to develop high order thinking skills like critical analysis and creativity. Life skills like communication, inter-personal skills, time management are through suitable platforms in the school.

The journey of education at Zenith International and Petite Kids is to explore and experience. It’s a joy of learning.